torsdag den 18. december 2014

Nordic Championchip Hanggliding 2015.

This years competition will be the
NORDIC CHAMPIONSHIP Hanggliding2015. The competition will be a FAI CAT 2 event and will come up on the FAI calendar soon.

Good news for hang gliding in Denmark.
Hang gliders used to be limited to 1050meters in Denmark, during comps we had a dispensation to 2100meters in the comp area.
Rules changed , we are now allowed to fly up to 2800meters all year everywhere.

mandag den 2. juni 2014

Heat 2 2014

2 Juni 2014 heat 2.

Task today. 60km out and return to Videbæk.
Weather briefing

Cumulus clouds at 10:00

At 14:00 all gliders are on their way.
3 pilots made it to goal. Nils Ole, Mikkel and Johnny.

søndag den 1. juni 2014

Heat 1 2014

Good morning! The weather is promising. The briefing will start in few minutes.

As usual pilots are very busy on the first day: waypoints has to be downloaded, instruments programmed, gliders assembled etc.

The weather forecast for today looks promising and a triangle of 56 km has been set. Start is at 12.00. It may be a short day as we may have some overdevelopment later on the afternoon.

The results are published. The first place in Rigid wings took Johnny Christiansen, the first place in Flex wings belongs to Mikkel Krogh. Congratulations!
Nils Ole had the best Flex wing performance, but was disqualified from the heat, due to minor violation of restricted airspace.

lørdag den 31. maj 2014

Training day 2014

  • 10:00
  • Good morning and welcome to Danish Open Nationals HG 2014!
    Pilots are arriving. The weather is not very good today. The wind is a bit strong. So it's unlikely we have a training task.

Pilots are slowly beginning to show up. We have strong winds (7 m/s) and overcasts, so there might not be much practice today. We have considered going to the West coast, but the wind seems too high for some relaxing soaring on the beach.
We will use the day to get everything ready for a long day tomorrow - towing equipment, Airtribune tracking, payments etc.
The forecast for tomorrow looks excellent: no wind, strong thermals, and high cloud base.
Stay tuned

Gliders are measured and adjusted.

søndag den 9. marts 2014

Danish open 2014

It seemed that the event was not going on this year.
But 8. Marts it was decided to have the competition.
10 pilots from local club is working together to make it happen.

This year there will be 2 events Danish Open 2014 and talent class
Danish Open will be held like the last years, as a FAI CAT2 event.
In addition there will be a talent class.
The talent class is not the FAI open class, the restriction is not on the glider but on the pilot.
Talent class is for pilots with little competition experience, so task will be much shorter and easier than tasks in Danish open. Depending on the number of participants in both classes they will fly together or have seperate start windows.

Dates are
31. May Training Day.
1. June - 7. June competition dayes
8. June Spare day. Will be used only if the comp at this point is not valid.

lørdag den 8. juni 2013

Heat 5 last day.

In the morning the forecast and sky did not look good.
Low base, wind and overcast. Finaly we decided to do a task.
And after the window opened conditions had improved. Cloud base got to 800 - 900m and gradualy more sun on the ground.
A short 42km task with goal in Tamdrup.
On route the sky cleared and the day turned out nice.
4 pilots Nils Ole, Rob, Jesper and Flemming made goal. But time was fast 50min, giving low score for the day.

Heat 4 Out and return

And out and return task was set 74km to the east (and back).

4 pilotes flew the last 70% of the task together. Nils Ole, Jesper and Flemming made it Joakim missed the last thermal and landed few km from goal.